Link Love Thursday

Hi everyone, here are some things that I found interesting this week. I hope you do to.


Watch the Big Photoshop Celebration Party Tonight LIVE!

Color Me Badd: Color Correction for Photographers “Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski use their shared wit and photo-editing expertise to show you every cool trick in the book for color correcting photos in Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.”

Sephia and Metallic Portrait Effect –
Add Space to Your Studio in Photoshop

How to Plan, Show and Promote a Photography Exhibit

Quick Tip on Fill Flash

Essential Camera Support – The L-Plate

Lightroom 2 How-To: Iris Enhancement!/note.php?note_id=190800259675

Creating an HDR-like Image From a Single RAW File in Lightroom

Just How Good is Recovery in Lightroom

Happy Birthday Photoshop! You ROCK!!!


~ by mitzs on February 18, 2010.

One Response to “Link Love Thursday”

  1. Great list. The link to “Just How Good is Recovery in Lightroom” really shed some light on things for me. Thanks for the heads up on that piece.

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