Energy Twirl Tutorial

SoI found another tut that just looked really interesting and had to find out how they achieved that look.  As I learn the basics of PS I am starting to break out of my shell and experiment. Filters are turning out to be a very wonderful thing! So the first picture is what the orginal tutorial should look like when you are done.



So as I sat there looking at it I wonder what I would ever use it for.  That is when I started experimenting to see where I could take this tutorial and I accidental turn it into what I think looks like a vortex! I was so excited with the end results that I just had to share it with the rest of you.


Now to achieve this affect once I was done with the original tutorial I then went on to selected the smudge tool. I then proceeded to dragging from the inside out in just a random pattern around the swirls.  Not really sure if I like the look but as I said I was just experimenting.

(Next I wonder what it would look like with a pattern under it. So I went down to the create new fill or adjustment layer in the layer pallet and choose pattern. Ack! My whole design turn into a big bubble or something so canceled out of that. I realized now as I type this what I was actually thinking about was another filter under artistic. Well, I am glad I didn’t think of it then or I wouldn’t have ended up with my finish work. )

Your next step is to go down to your create new fill or adjustment icon in the layer pallets and choose Gradient. In CS3 it is the second one down.

When the Gradient Fill Dialogue box appears. Choose Black to Transparent. 



Scale/100 and make sure Align with layers is checked. Then click ok. Then change your blend mode in the layer pallet to color burn.  (Remember your blend modes are in the drop down box beside the opacity box in your layer pallets.) And TADA! You are done.

I Would just like to give a big shout out to This was a really neat tutorial and I had a lot of fun doing it. Follow the link to create your own Energy Twirl!


~ by mitzs on December 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “Energy Twirl Tutorial”

  1. Great job Mitzs! Two thumbs way up!! 😀

  2. Thanks Firgs. It was a really fun one to do.

  3. Nicely done. I find that tutorials are a great way to learn the ins & outs of various filters. There are some excellent designers out there pushing the envelope of ideas, and using filters in new & exciting ways.

    You might look at Abduzeedo it’s an excellent tutorial website.

  4. Thanks for the link AJ. Can’t wait to see what they have.

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