A Tutorial From Hell…

As you know, I’ve been posting some xmas tutorials for the coming season. Well, I was really looking forward to trying some of them out.   So last night I fired up Ole Blue and open PS and got down to business. Only to find out that there are a few major steps and explanations left out. Ok, so I keep wading though the rising tide of aggravation that was starting to boil, and start to try different things because I really liked the finished picture they had. After much grumbling and several bouts of naughty words I finally get to the end of page one and am starting to feel better about things because my little project looks like it should. Click the link for page two to read you will need the following brush set for this next step. Ok, but wait. Wheres the link? Click on the name of the brush. No, it’s not a link. Scroll back up. No, not there either. Oh I got it, they put it on page one and I just over looked it. Go back to page one. Can you guess what came next? You got it. More naughty words! Because, there certainly was no link for the brushes needed for this tutorial. By now I am in melt down city because I had just spent over an hour to work though this crappy tutorial to begin with but now this? So I run off to twitter ranting and raving to blow off some steam. With in 2 minutes my mentor Firgs comes to the rescue with not only the brushes I need but the encouragement and support I needed at that moment.  I am telling you all she just RULES!!! So off I happily go to finish my tutorial. And finish it I did. It’s not perfect and I need to figure out a better way to do it but I was still really tickled with how it turn out considering everything I went though to get it done.

So I would like to give a shout out to adobetutorialz.com. Get your stuff together before you write any more tutorials for people. You put me though hell last night and it didn’t have to be that way. Take some lessons. Go read other people tutorials, observe. Your heart may be in the right place. I really don’t know. However, people with your skill level for writing tutorials do nothing for the profession. You help no-one with an ill prepared tutorial. If your going to do something at least try to do it right or better yet. Just leave to those that can.



~ by mitzs on November 27, 2008.

5 Responses to “A Tutorial From Hell…”

  1. That was the tutorial I was talking about that had the brushes in a .rar format I can’t open without the proper program! Annoying!

  2. Angelle, here are the brushes that you need for that one. They are a regular zip files.


  3. The proliferation of sites that publish “tutorials” under the premise of helping you learn a program and yet they have absolutely no idea how to write or present material in a logical, sensible and coherent manner.

  4. This tutorial has to be one of the worst ones I have ever seen! Not only does it forget to link the brushes but it takes you through a TON of unnecessary steps! I think I may just have to redo this tutorial for you Mitzs. It’s been driving me nuts to think that you may not be the only one going through this tutorial hell! >.<

  5. Yep, I’ve been thinking the same thing Firgs. That is why I had to write this blog post and hopefully save someone from the same pain I went though.

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