Oh Hell Yeah! Big Blue Lives Again….

I’ll not go on and on here. Most of you have been with me though the last company of months. My up and downs so you can guess how happy I really am.  So lets just move on to some photoshop stuff shall we? Hell yeah!

First off I have to draw attention to one of my mentors new site. Freebies by Firgs. You all should know Firgs by now. I’ve mentioned her enough on here. Make sure you check out her download page. She has some great twitter themes going on that she design herself.  I look forward to the day that I can battle it out with her on the NAPP boards and hold my own. Then she’ll be sorry that she mentored me. hehe.


I do have some more Christmas tutorials and brushes for you. However, they are on the laptop and I am on Big Blue. haha, but here is something that I found by Dave Cross ” Background Experiments with Photoshop and Illustrator


Don’t forget to check out the Newest episode of Photoshopuser TV, and I will be back tomorrow with more goodies.


~ by mitzs on November 19, 2008.

One Response to “Oh Hell Yeah! Big Blue Lives Again….”

  1. Hey babe! Thanks for the props! 😀 Don’t forget though, I changed the domain name. Freebies by Firgs is now Design by Firgs 😉

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