My new PNY 8600 GTS Video Card just arrived

Now to get big blue back together and hope he runs. Oh please let my CPU and memory be ok!

On the Photoshop radar…

I just received my Issue of Photoshop User Mag. This months is Scott Kelby’s 3rd Annual Gonzo Holiday Gear Guide. Its just full of goodies, but don’t worry I have another  Annual Holiday Gadget Gift Guide  by my friend Erik Bernskiold for those of you who aren’t NAPP members. Just follow the link below. I would suggest you email this one to your loves one with HINT, HINT in the subject line.

I also have a nice tutorial for you that just happens to be written by Erik too. 

Shiny Blue Line Text Effect

I have another little gem for you from another twitter buddy @AnnieCushingcalled PDF Extract. It is a freeware program that lets you, you guessed it Extract images from a PDF in many different formats including Jpeg, TIFF, PNG, GIF and so on.  This little baby is going to save some people time if you have alot of images you need to extract because you can do it all at once and not just one at a time.  All I can say is thank goodness Annie is a wee bit obsessed with links and is sweet enough to share them with the rest of us or I would have missed this one!

I like to give a shout out and a virtual hug to my friend @NAPP_News. Her sea monkeys have all passed on to sea monkey heaven. May they RIP.  They might of had a better survial rate if they didn’t have a nasty habit of eating their females mates. Oh yeah those little suckers are major carnivores. My Mama always said, a way to man heart was though his stomach.


~ by mitzs on November 12, 2008.

One Response to “My new PNY 8600 GTS Video Card just arrived”

  1. Aww, aren’t you sweet? What can I say? I’m a link junkie.

    Must … have … link … fix … 🙂

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