Big Blue is having majory surgery.

As everyone knows, big blue my desktop went BOOM over a month ago. Since then order a new PSU which arrived DOA! Return that one. Received the second one and couldn’t wait to plug her in. When I did…. All I got was a big fat NOTHING! I did notice that the green light on my motherboard was on. So I start googling the manual for my mb. Well it seems that pretty green led should be the red light of death ! It means my board is in a soft shut down and I have no way to wake it up. So off to newegg I go to order the exact same MB because I love the set up I already have but of course being 2 years old there no way I can find another one. Not even at amazon. SOB, SOB. So I find one that is close to it minus the sli. I don’t game so who cares.

There, there, settled down. I hear all you gamers hissing at me. It is nothing personal, I just don’t need to spend extra money on something I don’t use. I knew you all understand. 🙂

So the motherboard came Tuesday I believe. I had already moved the PSU, and was removing my cards from the case when I noticed my video card compasitors were bowed on top instead of flat. On closer inspection they are not just bowed 4 of the 6 big ones are blowed apart on top. The plastic cover that goes over top of the fan is even cracked open.

At this point I am just ready to sit down and cry because I know I won’t have big blue up and running tonight happily playing in PS. So I’ve order me a video card tonight from ebay.  I got the PNY Verto GeForce 8600 GTS no it is not top of the line, but this one does fit my budget and I am hoping that it is good enough for PS CS3. So hopefully by the end of next week, the drama with my desktop will be over.

Until then let me share so other stuff with you. Since last time we spoke, I’ve join NAPP and am now a MOD of Planet Photoshop. NAPP really is a great place with so much to learn there, and I am very happy with how much the Planet Photoshop Forums are shaping up. It is a great free resource and the forums are very people friendly no matter what skill level you are at.

Well it is getting late so I think I shall call it quit for tonight. However, I will be back tomorrow with some good tutorials for you guys to try.


~ by mitzs on November 8, 2008.

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