Planet Photoshop Design Contest.

Hi everyone, so I’ve not been here lately but I’ve been really busy with other things these last week or 2. Plus with no desktop I’ve not done much photoshop. sniff sniff. Anyway on to happier thoughts.

Planet Photoshop is having it first design contest in the forums. I am the happy and excited host. Yeah, I told you there’s been a lot of stuff going on. So I would suggest you run over and check it out and actually participate.

 I’ve also been posting some cool stuff. Some real nice high res free brushes, custom shapes, and some great tutorials! 

On the home front, as I stated earlier desktop is still down. The DOA PSU was return and a new one sent. After being installed big blue still didn’t respond. I went in for cpr but Joe pulled me off at the last moment.  So I will have to wait a little bit before getting a new motherboard now. However, I have order a new VGA cable and hopefully that bad boy will be here Monday. I will be able to use my Acer 19 in monitor hooked up to my laptop. I think if I shut down all apps running I will hopefully be able to create and conquer the world within photoshop again! (insert evil laugh here).

Before I go I would like to give a shot out to one of my favorite twitter buddies. mcawilliams, while he is not into photoshop yet (napp_news and I are working on that) he is great person that lives in Ireland and has a photoblog that I just enjoying surfing though. Check it out. I think you will really enjoy the beauty of his Ireland Deers. Because I am Irish, 2ndgeneration here in the states. I just appreciate that he shares his little piece of Ireland with me. So swing by and enjoy a piece of Ireland today. Have a great Friday everyone.


~ by mitzs on October 24, 2008.

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