Need a place to hang out thats all about Photoshop?

Then you need to swing by Planets Photoshop Forums and meet everyone. One of the good things about that forum is that its not swimming with so many people that your crys for help get lost in the ever after. A super duper big plus at least for me, is that the site is maintain by  Corey Barker. So as soon as he puts a tutorial up you will know it. There are a lot of photoshop tuts and tips of the day there, and I’ve not even mention the Phothshop gurus that are already there always willing to help anyone in need. So if you need some advice on something that has you baffled, or would like to share your own knowledge. Because  hey, you remember what it was like feeling lost and alone when first starting out in Photoshop and you just like to help others for the sake of helping because your cool that way.  Then swing by the Planet and meet the gang. We always have pizza in the oven and a cold Pepsi for any who need it.

Hope to see you all there soon.


~ by mitzs on October 12, 2008.

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