Camera Raw 5, its the BOMB!

Of course I was just over at Layers Mag going though tutorials. Matt K has one on the new CS4 Photoshop Camera Raw 5. I am telling you that tool has so much going on it is sick! You can adjust just a certain area after you have adjusted the whole picture. You can paint color in it.  Just so many different neat stuff in it.

Oh why do I tourture myself like this! I have no idea. Every time I watch one of those videos I start to foam at the month. The other day Joe even asked me if I might have gotten bitten by a skunk lately. Hmph. The man just doesn’t have any appreciation for cool software! Well I may have to wait till next year to get my hands on this verision but I will get it. Oh yes I will. This ole girl isn’t going to be left behind in the dirt….


~ by mitzs on October 10, 2008.

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