Well, Big Blue is still down….

Sob, sniff, sniff, sob! So the PSU I order arrived and of course was DOA!!! Luckily Newegg.com has a great return policy. While that makes me feel better in some ways it does not ease my loneliness for my desktop or the stuff I do with it that just isn’t possible on the ole lappy. How I miss Ole blue, let me count the ways.


2. Photoshop

3. Did I mention photoshop?

I did try and do some work on the lappy, but sadly it wasn’t bought for that kind of work in mind and I just don’t have the patients to sit and wait for something to get done. I really just don’t understand how people can handle working on mac laptops and just sitting there waiting for things to render so you can move ahead. God bless them all. Not to mention I can’t trust the monitor for the true colors like I can on my Acer monitor. I will have to work on getting one of those calibre monitor thingys.

So with that in mind I thought I might try my hand at creating some PS brushes on the laptop and see if it might not be a little less intense for my laptop. We will see. I will let you know how that one goes.

On other blogs, Peachpit has…

“A fantastic group of video tutorials in the form of podcasts have been released by Peachpit authors Martin Evening, Matt Kloskowski, Jerry Courvoisier, Kevin Ames, and Chris Orwig.” On Lighroom 2. Make sure you check them out if your using lightroom.


One more thing before I go. I would just like to give a shot out to all the new volunteersthat have sign up lately over at Operation Photo Rescue. All I can say is that you guys are really great. You jumped in feet first and haven’t looked back. Welcome to the family everyone. As to the season veterans of OPR. Well, you guys are what makes it home. You all ROCK!!!

Well thats it for now, I’ll see you all in a couple of days.


~ by mitzs on October 7, 2008.

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