Photoshop User Awards and Corey Barker rocking my world.

” Best of Show Prize

One Best of Show winner will receive an all-expense paid, five-day dream assignment trip to Barcelona, Spain (for two) where you’ll use the backdrop of this incredible city to create a cover for Photoshop User magazine. This amazing prize is courtesy of NAPP and includes your airfare, hotel accommodations, and daily expenses for you and an assistant of your choice (here’s a hint: officially, you don’t need to take an assistant with you… you can take your spouse, a friend or family member instead and just have a blast for five days). ”

You will have 11 different categories to choose from and may submit up to 3 pictures in total. A winner will be chosen from each category, with a prize package of $2500 for each winner. No, that isn’t a typo. These people don’t mess around when it comes to their contest. You work hard, and they are gonna make sure you play hard. We are talking about Adobe software, NAPP Memberships, Layers Mag subscriptions, Kelby Training. Not to mention a bundle of books from Peachpit! The only thing I see missing is a free pass for Photoshop World. But hey, can’t no one complain with that prize package the way it stands now. Lets move along before someone sets the sights of their slingshot on me for running off at the mouth.

Entries start on November 1st so start planing now. For information on the contest rules and how to enter check out the link below. And hey, good luck to you all!

Now, as for that Mr, Corey Barker. What I would give just to sit for an hour and watch him create his magic in Photoshop. He has such a natural talent that you can’t but help admire. He has a new video tutorial up at Planet Photoshop called “Energize That Photo” I highly suggest you race over with all haste that your Internet can handle and watch it. I have some photos from my nephew with his wife on New Years eve that I just can’t wait to try Corey tutorial on.  Thanks for the tutorial Corey! You are the Photoshop King!!!


~ by mitzs on October 7, 2008.

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