Would you like smaller PSD files?

Then you need to head over to Planet Photoshop and read their Getting Smaller Photoshop Files tip of the day. Make sure you check out the comments afterwards for this may not be a good idea if you work with other apps as some of the users comment. As for me I will be giving it a try.


On to other news. My desktop died the a few days ago. I believe it is my 80 dollar antec PSU I bought 2 years ago. Yes I am a little miff if you can’t tell. I paid good money just so this wouldn’t happen. However, I get to order a new one tomorrow and the hardware geek girl I am at heart can’t wait to get it. I’ve been looking at newegg and amazon. After all half the fun of new hardware is shopping for it.  Lets hope it did not take my cpu and MB along with it. However, till my desktop is up and running again I am Photoshopless. Sniff, Sniff, Boo-hoo!

I can tell you I’ve been missing the heck out of it and if wasn’t for Napp_News and LayersMagazine feeding me links everyday at twitters to take the edge off I probably be climbing the walls by now pulling someones hair out. Hey! I am not dumb enough to cause myself harm. Pfft.  Thanks girls. Love you guys!

Don’t forget to stop by my buddy Eriks site. He has a new video tutorial up today for Replicating a Canvas look in Photoshop.

Eric say this gives your photos a nice appreance for displaying on the web or for showing potential clients.



~ by mitzs on September 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “Would you like smaller PSD files?”

  1. Hey Mitzs,

    Hope your PSu gets fixed quick and not too expensive.
    Been looking at your blog site again, really improved since last tiem i was here. Looks great, nice links and tips. makes me jealouse of ya! Wish i had your stick to it ness, but i just start stuff and never finish it.

  2. Thank you Twizzle! Big hug. If you think of something that you think might imporve the site let me know.

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