Operation Photo Rescue 2

Sorry I’ve not been here the last couple of days or gotten that tutorial up I was talking about. I’ve been busy pitching in with OPR. Yep, they accepted me as one of their volunteers. Woohoo. The people are great and of course it is a worthy cause. I’ve done my first restoration and I am very proud of it. They say you always remember your first. Do you think they were talking about photo restoration? Hehe.  

Now for some bad news. OPR has lost their grant funding for 2009 due to the hard times everyone is facing right now. So if anyone out there thinks this is a worthy cause please donate to our cause.  There are still a lot of pictures that need to be fix, and not just those from Katrina.  Now we have photos coming in from the Iowa floods, Hurricane Gusta and Ike.  If we are not able to find funding, the services that we provide for these families who have already lost so much will be able to add one more thing to that growing list of gone for good. 

I know a lot of you are thinking, jeepers but a lot of these people still need their homes rebuilt and your worried about pictures? The answer to that would be a big fat YES. 

You see, people that love to sit in front of computers for hours on end are called Nerds, Geeks, and so on. We carry those titles with pride. I’ll let you in on a little secret though. You really don’t want to set a bunch of geeks loose on a community with hammers, nail guns, and putty knives. unuh, no way. It is neither safe nor pretty.  We realize this and leave that for the real professionals in that field. However, OPR are the professionals of the Photograph field.  Our hammers are the compassion we have for those that have survived any disaster. Our Nail Gun is Adobe Photoshop, and we use the putty knives to stir that all together with the experience that each of our volunteers brings to the table to recreate the memories of peoples family they thought lost forever.  Now, I don’t expect you to just take my word for this. After all I am asking you to help support our cause so it is very important for you to believe in it as much as I do. So let me share some words of thanks with you from one of the families that OPR has helped.

” received a phone call yesterday from a woman who had recently received her restored photos. She was so impressed with the quality of the restorations, and so touched by the generous gift that Operation Photo Rescue had given her. These were very special photos to her, and she said it was hard to even take them out of the envelope and look at them the first day, because she would become too emotional to look at them. Despite Hurricane Katrina being 2 years and 7 months ago, her life is still in chaos, and these photos brought back a sense of normalcy for her.”

Or this one

OPR recently received this very nice thank you note :

I have just received the restored picutres you mailed to my son-in-law, Guy C.

These photos were all I could find in the muddy flood from Katrina that destroyed my home and took away my memories. I am very grateful for your not only restoring my photos but my memories as well.

God Bless you,
David A…
Please forgive handwriting, I am going blind.”

I’m glad we were able to restore his memories before he was no longer able to see them.


Those are just 2 letters of thanks you out of the tons that OPR has received from family that we have been able to help in our own geeky way. Those letters and the people that write them are who I am truly asking for. So please, if you have a spare $5, $20 or $100 dollars to spare and share I ask that you share it with OPR. If you are a corporation or a bussiness and wish to sponsor us it would be greatly appreciated. OPR is a federally registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charity and donations are tax deductible.  The link below will take you to OPR donation page though paypal. If you are not a paypal fan like me. Just let me know and we will work something else out with the powers that be at OPR.



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