Operation Photo Rescue

OK guys, listen up because it is serious.  Operation Photo Rescue ” is a volunteer network of professional photojournalists and amateur digital photographers, graphic designers, image restoration artists and others. OPR’s mission is to repair photographs damaged by unforeseen circumstances such as house fires and natural disasters at no cost to the people who own them.”

OPR is looking for volunteers of all skill sets. Don’t panic, I realize that if you are here at my site then you are a beginner just as I am. However, I feel that I have grown enough that I can pitch in even if it is at a beginners level and so can you.  There are hundred upon hundreds of people that need our help, our compassion, love and prayers. Just try to imagine losing everything, and there in the rubble of once what was your life lays the only surviving thing. A precious photo of your father, who you just lost months before to a long hard battle with Lung Cancer. Or the first photo of you holding your newborn baby. Or a picture of your beloved mother holding YOUR hand as child. Its like god has just throw you a life-line. Yes, it is just a piece of paper with different colors on it. Yet it is so much more then that. It is memories of better, happier times when everything was still right and good in your world. It is memories of those you love and who loved you, and love is a very powerful thing. Love can straighten your world that has gone off tilt. Love gives you power to dig down deep and find that strenght to keep going forward when you need it the most. Love, friendship, prayers, compassion and help are what these people need. With my disability I can’t grab a hammer and help build someone house.  I don’t have the money to help others rebuild their lives. What I do have is time, and these people, our neighbors, and fellow country men are very worthy of that time. So come guys, lets love our neighbors and lets pitch in where we can. Every little bit helps. So run over to OPR site and register. Don’t panic because they have exp people there to help, if we should get stuck somewhere along the way. I am willing to at least try and bring someone who has already been though so much a little bit of happiness and friendship. Are you?



~ by mitzs on September 16, 2008.

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