The Pioneer Woman

I found this really cool site today about a ranchers wife from out west.  She takes me back to my days of growing up in Iowa on a dairy farm.

 She lives on a cattle ranch, cooks great homemade meals for her family, home schools her children and is a self taught photographer and photoshop user!!!  She is, one of us….

Learning on her own though trial and error and improving herself from those lessons. She is nice enough to share what she has learned along the way with the rest of us on that same path. I’ll let you check out her site yourself. Now her site is about Everything in her life not just pictures and photoshop. Did I just hear a gasp? So the link I post is for photography page, however make sure you check out some of her recipes since you are already there. I swear she will crack you up while reading though them and do not forget to check out her flicker site. Some of the prettiest sunsets I have seen. Not to mention the cutest basset hound. Who could not love that face with those eyes? Right now she has a contest where she is giving away 3copies of PS CS3. Hope you enjoy her site as much as I am.

Also to let you guys know, I am learning more about the histogram in PS and I will be sharing that with you guys in the next couple of days. Hope your all having a good weekend.


~ by mitzs on September 14, 2008.

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