Hi Everyone

I am sorry for not posting sooner but I’ve been very busy learning PS and out taking some photos myself to work on. I live in the mountains and with changing seasons and the foliage starting to die down  my little kodak point and shoot and I are finding all kinds of treasures that were previously hidden to the eye before.

This is one of the photos I took in my backyard. The fern just standing there by itself, so proud, and fighting for its own little bit of soil and space just caught my eye and spoke to me.   I gave it a beveled edge but as you can see I could not figure out how to shade all 4 sides. Grrr, the shading angle seems to only allow you to do 2 sides. There must be a way to turn it off or something but I have not figured that one out yet. However, when I do, you better believe I will be sharing it with you guys because this absolutely drove me mad for 2 days and I had to set it aside or my monitor was in danger of learning how to fly. Yes, while I feel I am really starting to understand PS I still have my moments of still feeling lost. I am not about to let that to get to me though. If anything it just makes my Irish kick in and my stubbornness come out.  Until then I must just be patient. Irish and Patients. Ha! I believe that is an oxymoron:)

Ok that is it for today. My next post will be about my friends turkey vacation photos that I’ve been working on. Don’t forget to watch the new episode of Photoshop user TV. This one was filmed at MPIX. Ooh and the SLACKING Matt K has finally put up some new Photoshop Killer Tips. I know hes a hard working guy and I think he is great too, but he forgot about us Photoshop Killer Tips lovers for almost a month so I am not letting him off the hook that easy. hehe.



~ by mitzs on September 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hi Everyone”

  1. How to bevel on all 4 sides:

    On a new blank layer above your photo hit Ctrl/Cmd A to select the whole image. Then go to Edit > Stroke (choose black or white as your color) and set your stroke point to a number that coincides with the resolution of your image – the larger your photo, the larger your stroke point. Once you have your stoke, deselect by hitting Ctrl/Cmd D.

    Next, duplicate that layer. Now, on your first layer, using your polygonal Lasso tool, draw a selection from top left corner to bottom right corner – making a triangle selection capturing one half of your stroke. Next press delete/backspace on your keyboard to clear that half of the stroke. Repeat process on the duplicate layer only make sure to select the opposite half.

    Now you can add bevels to each layer and achieve your desired effect. 🙂

    Bonus Tip: For a fun effect, after you have your bevel set the way you want it, try taking the fill of each layer to 0%. It will then look as if your frame is made from a 3-D type version of your actual photo. 🙂

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  2. oh my, oh my. I will have to print that out and work on it! Thanks Firgs, you rock!!

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