New Episode of Photoshop User TV is up

This week RC and Corey are co-hosting with Scott. I just got done watching  it myself. Talk about funny. Your going to love “Matts Tender Moments” Theseguys are great together. RC and Corey are always so serious on their show,  Layers TV. It was really nice to see them loosen up. Specially Corey. I’ve never seen that playful side of him. I guess Scott is just a bad influence. Which is a good thing in this case. lol. This is by far one of the funniest episodes I’ve seen and now my new Favorite.  Yeah, I liked it so much I had to download it…

This week I’ve been learning about Camera Raw. I just wanted to share with you guys that Camera Raw just isn’t for people who shoot with  DSLR Cameras. All I have is a 6.1 Kodak Easy Share C643 point shoot. The only format it knows is jpeg. I shoot at the highest setting which is 6.1. I might as well get all the information I can in my pictures that this camera is capable of capturing. I can then open my pictures in Camera Raw though Bridge or Photoshop to handle my white balance if needed, my shadows. If I need to add some depth of color, or lighten the shadows up while not blowing the picture out Camera Raw is the place for this. Did you know you can crop your pictures in Camera Raw yet after you save it and close it out you can go back a year from now and open that same picture in Camera Raw and restore it back to it original size before you cropped it.  Seriously, I wouldn’t lie about something like that. All you have to do is go up to the raw tool bar above your picture click a hold down your mouse button on the crop tool and at the bottom of the drop down menu you will see CLEAR CROP.  Then WHAM! You have the original size back. Pretty cool isn’t it? I have to give props to Matt though. I’ve been watching his Camera Raw Work flow Essentials Lessons over at Kelby Training. So if your interested in seeing how Camera Raw can be an assets in your Photoshop arsenal I suggest you take this class, or find a book, or any kind of information you can on camera raw and learn it. It is going to save you time in the long run.


~ by mitzs on August 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “New Episode of Photoshop User TV is up”

  1. The ability to edit JPEGs in Camera RAW was a huge addition to the program. Much like Lightroom, Camera RAW simply tracks the edits made to an image within the metadata. Those changes are not applied to the image until exported for printing, or email or web or whatever your choice of output.

    Here’s another cool tip – if you hold the SHIFT key you can open your image in Photoshop as a Smart Object. (And if you do that all the time click the information link under the image in Camera RAW, it’s a hidden option screen with a check for ALWAYS open as a Smart Object).

    Happy Photoshopping!

  2. Hey Mitzs!
    Nice blog 🙂

    Just wanted to note that the ability to edit .jpeg in the Camera Raw interface was made available in the Photoshop CS3 release. CS2 CR only works with .RAW and .DNG files.


  3. Thanks AJ and SC. I appreciate the tips and I didn’t realize you couldn’t do jpegs in camera raw till cs3. I am really glad I got this verision then!

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