OK, yesterday was like a blah day for me. Didn’t want to work in my books. Didn’t want to watch my beloved Kelby training. I know, shame on me. Kept thinking of all the things I would like to do with some of my pics but knew I didn’t have the skill for what I was thinking about. Starting to sound depressing isn’t it? Well it was starting to get depressing. Never had a day where I could not find something to do in PS and not enjoy it!

Then a new friend of mine logged on to twitter and was posting about her new stain glass window she wanted to do. Stain Glass in PS? My ears perking up at that.  I’ve never heard or come across it before. I asked for a link and  of course being the sweetie that she is, she sent me a link to the first one that she had created. Now here is the thing. I had seen this picture before. Expect I thought it was a real picture that she took and did some PS to the actually background of the picture. But nooooo, she made the stain glass in the window all in PS! I was floored. I started to look though the rest of her pics. Really look, and from that my inspiration was reborn. She re-lit the fire under my numb bum. So I would like to share this inspiration with you. I am not sure if I can find the right words to describe Firgs work and still do them justice .  She has a great talent, she is an  artist, she has eye for the unseen and makes them visiable for the rest of us. When I look at her work she makes me want to better mine. She is one of my new mentor whether she wants to be or not. 🙂 But shhhh, that just between us.

So today I share with you someones work that is just as beautifull as the person who created it. I hope it will reach out to you as it does me. Make sure you check out her earth day pic too.


~ by mitzs on August 22, 2008.

One Response to “Inspiration”

  1. Yey it’s me! As I was testing my own blog, I realized you might want someone to make a comment so that you could play with the feature. So here is a comment for you to play with!


    Oh.. and here’s some more reading for you.. lol..

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