Working with the clone stamp today

Doing some more of Larry Becker lessons today over at Kelby Training of course. This one was for removing unwanted objects. The last picture was removing graffiti from the front of a brick home. If you really need practice with the clone stamp this is the lesson you want. Any way, I had downloaded the picture lessons and opened the picture I need in PS. Did ctrl/cmd-j so I had a duplicate layer because we never want to work on the original picture. Right? Right! Pressed the S key to select the clone stamp tool. Sampled my area and went off to the stamp area. Nothing. Nota. Click, click. Still nothing. Look at my layer. Nope not a single thing there either. OK what is wrong? Have I missed a step or something? Looked up to make sure my brush was at 100% opacity and mode was set to normal and it was. Right about now I am thinking I am going to have to re-watch Larry’s video. As I keep glancing over I notice that sample is set to current layer, not all layers! Ahhhh.

So the lesson for today is to make sure when you select a tool that you check the tools, tool bar, and make sure you have it set up for the current picture you are working on at the moment and not what you worked on in the past. The tools do not reset themselves when you close Photoshop or switch tools and then back to the same tool. They stay at the same setting as you last used them.


~ by mitzs on August 18, 2008.

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