Welcome to Pursuing Photoshop

This site will be dedicated to MY trials, tribulations, and successes as I take the leap to learn Photoshop though self-learning. My goal is to hopefully clear a path for other newbies who wish to take the same route as I have. The hardest thing I found in the beginning was where to start. Which book to use ect, ect. I will be posting my sources for everyone. So that at least will save someone sometime and frustration.

I expect this blog to grow as I grow in PS. So please, if you have something to share don’t be shy. If you’re a more experienced PS user or Photographer and have some tidbits or tips that can help us please feel free to jump in. All are welcome here.


~ by mitzs on August 14, 2008.

7 Responses to “Welcome to Pursuing Photoshop”

  1. Looks like you were able to get the blog up just fine. I would highly recommend a NAPP membership if you want to learn Photoshop. The books you reviewed were written by NAPP employees, and as a Adobe Certified Photoshop instructor I still find value in their content.

    Good luck in your pursuits, and happy blogging.

  2. Great Start! Can’t wait to view your progress!
    Good Luck!

  3. Well whens ya first tutorial??? And i hoe it dont involved DUCT tape!

    Good luck to ya Mitzs, i really do hope this works for ya, i might even learn from it ( though normally it takes a brick to the head to each me owt)
    Keep the blog going!

    And how often do you plan to update this?

  4. I don’t know if it will be everyday twizzle I have to keep my studies up to but I am shooting for ever other day atleast. The tutorials will be a while yet but I will get there.

  5. Thanks everyone I appreciate all the support!

  6. Hi Mitzs like the blog and now I’m stalking you on twitter as well 😀

  7. Would help if I spelt the link to my blog correctly what a doofus lol

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